WordPress temp URL is not working

Some times we are Migrated  moving our site  from one server to another server  and we need to change the name-server but before changing name-servers we want to check our site via temporary URL and we see our wordpress temp URL do not work as its only meant for domain name http://198.xx.xx.xx/~username it will not work. For temporary URL you will need to make some changes in your wordpress database.
1. Login in Cpanel >> phpMyadmin >> Select your database.
2. Select wp_option table.

3. In wp_option table you will see different fields from table. in this locate for Option_name locate for siteurl and home and change value for both of this fields to your temporary url. replace http://yourdomainname.com with temporary url as shown in below image.

Make changes and click on GO button.

That’s all we have Done :D