MySQL 4.1 error 28 and solution
If you are getting below error :

MySQL: got error 28 from server handlerThe above error means no space left on hard disk. According to official MySQL docs, “If someone receives this error, one need to check all filesystems where MySQL operates

Below mentioned are the steps to be performed to resolve the above issue:
1) Stop mysql server
 [root@server~]# /etc/init.d/mysql stop
2) Check filesystem and /tmp directories:
 [root@server~]# df -h
 [root@server~]# cd /tmp
 [root@server~]# df -h /tmp
3) Remove files from /tmp to free up space:
 [root@server~]# cd /tmp
 [root@server~]# rm -rf *
4) Look into /var/log directory and remove or compress logs file.
5) Use myisamchk command to check and repair of ISAM table:
 [root@server~]# cd /var/lib/mysql
6) Increase disk space (add new hard disk or remove unwanted software(s) )
7) Start the mysql server:
 [root@server~]# /etc/init.d/mysql start