Unable to connect to proftpd ftp server. (Plesk)


While trying to connect to FTP server the following error message is shown:

If you run proftpd –configtest and the following errors will shown:

It will shows :-

proftpd[16708]: warning: unable to determine IP address of ‘hostname.com’
proftpd[16708]: error: no valid servers configured
proftpd[16708]: Fatal: error processing configuration file ‘/etc/proftpd.conf’

Reason:-  Your Server hostname in ‘/etc/hosts’ file was not configured properly.

Set your hostname correctly as mentioned below :-               localhost.localdomain localhost              hostname.com  hostname

Then again run :-

[root@server src]# proftpd –configtes
Checking syntax of configuration file

Restart your “xinetd service” thats all 🙂

Find running mailserver in plesk

[  /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mailmng –features | grep SMTP_Server     –> Will show the running MTA   ]



Different configuration files in plesk:
I) Apache configuration and log files locations
1)Main apache configuration files
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

2)sers apache configuration files
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/httpd/conf.d/*_psa_httpd.conf

3)Users apache configuration files
Include /home/httpd/vhosts/<domainname>/conf/httpd.include

4)Apache’s log file is located in
[root@server1 ~]#/var/log/httpd/error_log

5)Apache include files directory
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/httpd/conf.d/

6)Apache binary file
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/sbin/httpd

II)Qmail configuration and log files locations
1)mail directory
[root@server1 ~]#/var/qmail

2)Location of qmail maildirs
[root@server1 ~]#/var/qmail/mailnames/

3)Log file location
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog

4)Binary directory
[root@server1 ~]#/var/qmail/bin/

III)My Sql configuration file and log location
1)location of mysql
[root@server1 ~]#/var/lib/mysql

2)Configuration File
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/my.cnf

3)Log file
[root@server1 ~]#/var/log/mysqld.log

4)Binary file
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/bin/mysql

IV)BIND configuration file
1)Configuration File
[root@server1 ~]#/var/named/run-root/etc/named.conf

2)Zone file location
[root@server1 ~]#/var/named/run-root/var/<domain>

V)Plesk configuration files
1)Plesk admin password
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/psa/.psa.shadow

2)Plesk configuration file
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/psa/psa.conf

3)Plesk directory
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/local/psa

4)Directory for the config file is
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/local/psa/etc

5)postgresql directory
[root@server1 ~]#/var/lib/pgsql/data

VI)FTP configuration files and logs
1)FTP configuration file
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/proftpd.conf

2)FTP log file
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/local/psa/var/log/xferlog

3)FTP bianry file
[root@server1 ~]#/usr/bin/ftp

VII)Awstatics configurtion files and logs
1)Configuration file location
[root@server1 ~]#/etc/awstats/awstats.com

2)Log file are located in
[root@server1 ~]#/var/log/httpd/access_log

3)Domains access logs
[root@server1 ~]#/home/httpd/vhosts/<domain name>/statistics/logs/access_log