If you are getting below  error message after entering the login details in your Prestashop admin :-


The Employee does not exist, or the password provided is incorrect

Do the below steps :-

The reason of this error, perhaps that cookies don’t match in your MD5 hash of password.

Update the employee’s password with matching cookie:

UPDATE employee SET passwd = md5(”<COOKIE_KEY><yourNewPassword>”) WHERE email = “youremailaddress”;

You can find cooking key in the config/settings.inc.php

define(’COOKIE_KEY‘, ‘qs4PAdILiGj81EQcK4CeF0gMHgFkCJShSICypziaU8XYoJVVTFk0O1Xy’);


mysql> UPDATE ps_employee SET passwd = md5(“qs4PAdILiGj81EQcK4CeF0gMHgFkCJShSICypziaU8XYoJVVTFk0O1XyRealRtealm“) WHERE email = “administration@alam.co.in”;

Password (new as old) must have at least 8 characters!