You are able to login successfully through your web-mail, but not from Outlook. Outlook is asking Password again and again, then what to do?

1) If you have facing the above issue, then it is a problem of pop3 service, just do the simple tick to resolve issue.

Open the below file  in your favorite editor.

[root@pop ~]# vi /etc/xinetd.d/popa3d

Then just change disable = yes in this file.

2) you have to do the same changes into the below file as well.

[root@pop ~]# vi /etc/xinetd.d/popa3ds

3) And restart the service of mail and cPanel.

[root@office1 ~]#/etc/init.d/xinetd restart


[root@office1 ~]#/scripts/courierup

[root@office1 ~]# /etc/init.d/cpanel restart

[root@office1 ~]# /etc/init.d/courier-authlib restart

Now, it is not asking for password. 😛 B|